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June 30, 2014

Some Life Lessons to Share

I turned 50 yesterday and am looking forward to at least another 50 years. On this journey I've learned a few things that I thought I would share. It started off with a list of ten but I've added a few bonus items!

- Plan your car trips carefully. I have discovered that as you get older the urge to use the restroom can happen in what seems like seconds. The urgency is compounded by the volume of liquids you have consumed, how bad traffic is, and the color of your pants. (No details will be provided but trust me)
- Remember those cute sayings your parents told you growing up? Most of them are true. You can catch more flies with honey. Don't do everything your friends tell you to do including jumping off bridges. Smoking will kill you and you can choose your friends but not your relatives (Turns out my dad may have been talking about me though)
- Have a plan and adjust as necessary. I bet we all have plans for tomorrow, this weekend, or even next month. How many us have a plan for our lives? What do you want to do? You take the time to plan dinner or golf why not plan what you want to do with your life for the next 5-10 years?
- In the end it's really about your friends and family, not the money and toys. There is nothing more valuable than spending time with your family and knowing you have friends who accept you as you are.
-Country music is still the best. Doesn't matter whether it's Johnny, Luke, Loretta, Kenny, Miranda, or Tim. Hearing songs about your country, family, good times, and God are always great. Cowboy boots and hats are optional.
- We are all miracles and are here to make a difference. Don't waste your talents.
- Don't settle. You can always do more. 
- Take the pain medicine when you hurt. In fact when you do something that will cause you to hurt, take the Ibuprofen before you hurt. The older you get the shorter the time between cause and affect. You hurt longer too, go figure.
- Tell the people you care about that you care about them - frequently
- You are a role model and someone is always watching. Could be your kids, spouse, neighbors, friends, etc. Do the right thing.
- Do not mix two different types of chlorine shock for your pool in the laundry room. It may seem like a good idea but sometimes when you add water they might react and cause the release of chlorine gas (i.e. mustard gas). It's not good to breath in and hurts. There is a story here but just trust me. I know, I know.... seems obvious to you but trust me. 
- Be thankful every day for what you have and don't have.
- Live every day with a purpose and work hard. It's those work harder than others who are successful. Know what you want and don't get outworked.

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