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Time of Year

The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. Sure I enjoy the summer sun and warmth, golfing, and being outside. It's the Christmas season though that has everyone in a good mood. I'm sure you notice it too. The "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holiday" greetings. The Christmas music and smiles at the stores (OK, except for the crazy Black Friday shoppers!). The drivers on the freeways seem to let you merge in easier. The ringing of the bells of the Salvation Army volunteers and the US Marine's Toys for Tots boxes being filled up. The Christmas concerts and TV specials all add to the joy of the season. Have you ever thought about why? It's starts with ThanksgivingĀ and goes on from there. Christmas is the birth of our Savior and we celebrate that by praying, sharing, and being thankful. Chanukah is also celebrated this time of year. Some of the customs of Chanakah are also praying, sharing, being thankful. The common thread is sharing and being appreciative for what we have. During this time of year we get to spend time with friends and family we may not see a lot of. We donate our time and money to others. Our focus is others, not ourselves. The giving tree at church or work, the donations to the local charities. Thinking about our troops deployed around the world to protect our freedom. We pray for our friends, family, and neighbors who might be alone this time a year. We pray for the children and their families who are in the hospital or fighting serious illness and we pray for our family members who are sick. I think people are happier this time of year because the focus is on others, not ourselves. The giving of time and gifts to others. Our priorities change from "me" to others. I'm not saying we should be listening to Bing Crosby sing White Christmas in July. However, I do think that if there is less "me" year round and more giving and thanking it will make things better. You want to be happier? You want more for yourself? Then give, give your time and money to help others. Make a difference in someone else's life. www.PowerofPositive.com Make a Positive Difference in the World Today!


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