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Raise them the best you can and pray like hell

School is back in session this week. Chelsea is at Oakland University this year and Emily is at Central Michigan. With the new school year and the girls on to new challenges it reminds me of the best parental advice I've ever heard.... Raise them the best you can and pray like hell! As parents, we don't know everything. What we do know is the mistakes we've made and we pray like hell our kids don't make the same ones. We aren't perfect and know our kids aren't either. However many times we know you can do better even if you don't. What you think may be nagging is really mom and dad pushing you a little harder because we know you can do it.. All those times you made a mistake, got caught, and were punished. We took no joy in this but only prayed you learned the consequences of your mistakes. When we wouldn't buy you that toy or cool clothes unless you completed your chores, it wasn't because we were mean. We wanted you to learn the value of working for what you want. Nothing is free and hard honest work is what will make you successful. When we wouldn't let you leave the house wearing "those clothes" it was only because we cared. It really isn't your clothes that define your beauty. We didn't care what the magazines and TV said and still don't. When we see your successes in school, work, and life. We look on with pride, not pride in the things we have done but pride in you. We hope and pray for you. We pray every day that you will be safe and have continued success. We did the best we could and when we look at you we know we did something right! Make a Positive Difference in the World Today! www.PowerofPositive.com


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