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Funny What Happens when you Run

Funny what happens when you are outside. I went for a run the other day around my neighborhood. No marathons or anything, just a few miles. I'm running down the sidewalk and stub my tow on the sidewalk. In the next several seconds here is what was going through my mind... - What the heck? - Ouch - I start stumbling - I realize i am going down - I'm thinking how can I make this graceful - I remember who I am and realize it won't be graceful - I start my drop and roll technique (OK, stumble and drop like a rock technique) - I hit my hands and knees on the sidewalk and roll over on the grass between the sidewalk and street - I look at the sky and think it looks like it might rain - The pain (minor but my story is on a roll) hits my brain - My pride starts wondering if anyone saw me and will stop their cars or run from their houses to check on the old guy laying there - I quickly sit up, check for blood, and the tough guy in me says to get running again - Now that I'm moving I'm hoping people will see the blood pouring from my open wounds and think "Wow, he's a machine!" - I check my wounds and realize I'm OK with nothing more than a scrape on my knee and dirty hands - I laugh at myself the finish the rest of my run and think who can I tell this to?! Isn't this really an example of life? Don't we always stumble and maybe fall? We worry what others will think? Don't we think things are worse than they really are? Next time you stumble think of me running. Get up, brush yourself off, and finish the run. Laugh at your mistakes and keep moving. Remember it's not the fall that matters but the graceful continuation of your efforts that does. Make a Positive Difference in the World Today! www.PowerofPositive.com


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