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June 03, 2013


In a matter of a weeks my daughter Chelsea turned 21 and my other daughter Emily turned 18 and will graduate from High School.

For some people this may make them feel old, or nostalgic. For me I feel nothing but pride.

I look at my daughters with awe. They are beautiful and intelligient women. They have their lives in front of them and I know they will be successful in everything they want to do.

When they were young we used to take trips up North to Grandma and Grandpa's cottage. We've driven to Toronto, Chicago, Indianpolis, and other places. Things are differnet now. Instead of dad driving and the girls in the backseat, it's their trip now. Mom and dad will still be in the car, but we will be in the back seat. We will always be there but we won't be deciding where you go. Just maybe providing some directions and gas money.

Happy Birthday and Happy Graduation to the best daughters in the world!

Love Ya!


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