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Are you average? Am I average? I am of average height and average weight (except after Christmas cookies). I am married with the average number of kids (rounded down). I am an average golfer (OK, that's a stretch!). I have many other attributes that are average. Does that make me average? Even though I may be average at many things, it doesn't make me average. Even though you are average in many things, it doesn't make you average. You have been made like no others. You have been created in your own special way. Being average at many things makes you special. There is NO ONE else like you! It's not the different parts that we are measured against, it's the sum. What makes us special is everything, not one thing. What makes us REALLY special is what we do. How we share our gifts and our "average-ness". So being average at something, or everything, isn't bad. Remember it's the sum of the parts that makes you great. Let me know what you are great at. Remember to make a Positive Difference in the World Today! www.PowerofPositive.com


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