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November 09, 2012


We just completed the presidential election earlier this week. How you voted and for who isn't important anymore. What you have to admire though about both candidates is their passion. Their passion allowed them to put themselves out there for the world to see.

They felt so strong about wanting to make a difference they probably spent millions of their own money. They allowed us to ask insane questions, to judge them even though we really didn't know them. They allowed us to see their family and make judgements about them. We questioned their faith, their past, their souls.

Why did they do all this? They are passionate about our country, about making a difference. Their passion drove them to do all of those things.

What are you passionate about? If President Obama and Governor Romney are willing to do all this for us and our country what are you willing to do? We won't have a camera watching everything we do so take that chance. Are you passionate about helping your church, school? Starting that business? Going back to school? Being a better father, wife, friend?

It's really a matter of being so passionate about something that you won't stop. So driven that you won't let someone or something stop you. Wanting something or to do something so bad you can taste it.

I guarantee that you won't under go the scrutiny that they did. Even if you do, so what? These two men were willing to do what they did for hundreds of millions of people they don't know. What are you willing to do for yourself, your friends, family, community?

Get going now. Find your passion. Just thinking about it doesn't work. Just talking about it doesn't work. Get moving, you won't regret it!

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