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October 29, 2012


As an avid sports fan I believe my teams will win. I believe the Tigers will win the World Series, the Lions and Michigan Wolverines will win their football games. I believe the Red Wings will play this year and the Pistons will be better.

I am frequently disappointed and after a "rough weekend" I started thinking about what's really important. Is it important to believe in my Tigers or important to believe in my family?

I love my sports and the competition but it's only a game. I believe in what I can do in this world. I believe that I have the best wife in the world. I believe that we will love each other for eternity. I believe in my daughters. I believe that they are intelligient, strong, and beautiful (like their mom!).

I believe that I have friends who care about me and will share in my laughes and good times. 

I believe that I live in the best country in the world. I believe that, while not perfect, the upcoming elections allow us to use our votes for our choices. I believe that the politicians, local and national, will work together to continue to improve our lives and opportunities.

I believe that God has given each of us talents to share. I believe that we will use those talents to make a difference.

I believe that while no one is perfect we will do what we can. We might make mistakes but I believe that we will be forgiven. I believe I will be loved and I will love others.

I believe, do you?

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October 22, 2012


I ran in the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon today. While that's a small accomplishment for me what I am more proud of is I ran in the memory of Kyle Nicholson and Cassie Hines.

Both Cassie and Kyle were young adults who lost their battle with cancer. I frequently think about both of them (Cassie is the daughter of a friend and Kyle is a friend of my daughter). I am always amazed by the strength of those two and their families and what they went through. I am very fortunate to have my health, my families health, and a great life.

Several times today when my legs were hurting I thought about what Kyle and Cassie went through. I can't imagine the pain and suffering.

All this brings me to my point. How often do we think about ourselves and how bad things are? How often do we complain that the world is against us or why did God do that to me? Traffic is horrible. My boss is a jerk? My legs are sore or whatever. Me Me Me Me.... Instead how about we think about someone else?

Instead of wallowing in self pity think about those less fortunate. Think about those whose families are struggling. Those individuals who are battling sickness or being alone. Think about those who need help instead of yourself.

It's easy to think about yourself but it's better to think about others. How can you help someone? What can you do to make someone feel better? Make a point today to help someone. Don't worry about yourself, help someone else instead.

Never forget those who fought and lost their battles. God bless you Cassie and Kyle.

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October 17, 2012


One of the things I have always missed is having my dad around. Talking to him about being a dad, having kids, working. Just going out for dinner and a beer, talking not just as a father and son but as two dads.

Earlier this year my sister Karen gave me a picture of my dad and I from a vacation in Florida. I was 16 years old and rocking a 1980 bathing suit. Once I stopped laughing it got me thinking. The picture is my dad and I walking side by side on the beach, a father and son. The thing I thought I didn't have, I actually did.

My dad may not be here physically but he is still here. He is still walking with me by my side. He is with me when I need to talk to him and with me when I think I don't (but really do).

I bet you have those same thoughts. Someone you wish was still around. They are around though. As long as you are thinking about them they will never leave. Their spirit will remain, their influence and energy a factor in your life. Pray for their help and you will get it.

I miss my dad but I know he is walking by my side. The only difference now is I can't find that yellow bathing suit!

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