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February 28, 2011

Circle of Influence

Do you ever wonder how many people you influence daily? How many people you touch?

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned a friend of my daughter's who was fighting leukemia. Today they had a fundraiser for him at a local restaurant. There were hundreds of people there contributing money, buying tee shirts and bracelets. Everyone was there to help Kyle and his family continue to beat this disease.

I'm not sure if Kyle realizes this and I'm not sure if any of us realize it. Every day we have an influence on everyone we deal with. We have an opportunity to make a positive mark or a negative mark on them. They can walk away thinking more about themselve and others after interacting with us.

The fact that the restaurant was packed with hundreds of people shows the kind of influence Kyle has. Kyle is a young man but has already made a positive mark in our world. I hope that many would show up for me!

When you go through your day remember you are leaving your fingerprints everywhere. Are you helping or hurting those you deal with? Make an effort to leave a positive imprint on everything and everyone.

Make a Positive Difference in the World Today!



February 21, 2011


Have you ever looked at your hands? Looked at them and thought of the things you can do with them? The power you have in them?

With an open hand you can pick something or someone up. An open hand can grab someone else's hand and hold it. An open hand can catch a ball or stop a car (think the traffic cop holding up her hand). The positive power from one hand is limitless. You can hold someone's hand and feel love, show love.

With a closed hand though things change. A closed hand is sign of anger. You shake your fist at someone to show them. A closed hand is used to hit, to hurt. You can't catch that ball or hold someone's hand when you have a closed fist. Not much good comes from closed hands.

The same is true with your life and love like it is with your hands. When you are open the world is yours. You can give love and feel love. You can help and be helped. You can show someone you care and that they are special. You can make a positive mark on someone.

If your life is closed you are missing out on so much. Not only are you not sharing your gifts but you aren't receptive to others' either. Being angry and closed takes effort, too much effort. It's hard to be angry, hard to sit there and do nothing.

Open up your hands, your heart, your life to others. Show the world what you have. Be open to new things and thoughts.

Make a Positive Difference in the World Today!



February 16, 2011


Recently a very close friend of my daughter discovered he has leukemia. I'm sure he has asked himself many times why? I'm sure his parents and family have asked the same thing. I know his friends have asked that.

There are many times in our lives when we ask why. Why did someone say that? Why did my car break? Why did my baseball team lose? Why am I sick? Why? Why? Why?

It's not up to us to know why. It is up to us to act on what happened. Most times we can't control what happens but we sure can control how we react to it. Do we become bitter? Angry?

Everything happens for a reason but we may never know why. The one thing we can control is how we react. It's up to each of us to rise to the challenge and become a better person. The question changes from why me to what can I do to change this situation to beat it?

When things look the bleakest is when we have to rise to the challenge. We have to accept that something happened but we don't have to accept the outcome. We determine how we react. We determine the next steps and our reaction to them.

Like they say, when you are given lemons it's up to us to throw them away and go buy something you want (or something like that).

Kyle, hang in there. This is a battle you WILL win.

Make a Positive Difference in the World Today!



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