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December 02, 2010

Role Models

Who do you admire? Do you watch a basketball game and look for Kobe? Tom Brady for football? Who are your role models?

Growing up my role models were my dad and my uncle, Paster David Weisner. I admired my dad for the love he showed my mom, my sisters, and myself. I loved his work ethic, support, and humor. It's been 18 years since he passed away but I think of him often. Many times I quote my dad and think about how he would have done something.

My uncle was my spiritual role model. As a Catholic priest he was a leader and shepherd of many. I admired his commitment to helping others and that he loved everyone. He is a major reason why I am passionate about making a difference.

Who are your role models? Who do admire? Obviously, these should be positive models. They could be relatives, friends, or even dead people.

What trait do you want to improve? Find a role model and do what they do. How do you want to act in a certain situation? Find someone who acted like you want and model your behavior after them.

There are many many options here, the possibilities are endless. Find your role models and do what they do.

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