August 05, 2014

Golf and Life

I think I may have figured out why I love golf so much. Golf is a microcosm of life. There are so many things in golf that are like our lives.    - Life, like golf and most things, is a game of mistakes. Everyone makes them, that's part of being human. The question is what are you going to do after you make the mistake? Quit? Remain afraid of making another mistake? Or do you correct what went wrong and try again?    - I may take many, many (sometimes even more than that) shots when I play a round of golf. The ones I remember though are the ones that go where they are supposed to go. We remember the shots we take, not the ones we don't. Watching someone else live life or play golf is good, but you won't remember their shots for long. I guarantee though you will remember that approach shot over the water where you stick the green. You will also remember when you took that chance in life, went for that new job, or started that new company. We're here to play the game, not just watch others play. - I have never been more frustrated than on a golf course. I have been tempted to quit that bad round and throw the clubs in the water. However, what would quiting that round have accomplished? What does quiting anything in life do? No one told me golf was easy and no one told you life was easy. Does that mean we should quit because it's hard? Heck no! I get frustrated, try to figure out what happened,  make adjustments, and try again. It's the trying again that's important. Don't quit. - There are millions of golfers in our country but only a few thousand who make real money from it. I have given up my pro golfer dreams, apparently you have to be good to make money playing golf. Why do I play than? It's about the challenge of the game and playing golf with some friends. Life is like that too. Enjoy what you're doing and spend time with people you like being around - Unless you are playing for money your score in golf and life, compared to others doesn't matter. You are playing with others but the only real competition is against yourself. The score you need to watch is your own. How are you doing today versus last week, last month, last year? It's not how you are doing compared to anyone else. It's are you better today than you were yesterday? - You don't always have the answers to your questions. Sometimes you don't know what the issue is or what you should do to correct it. Taking a golf lesson or having someone watch your swing isn't a weakness. The same can be said for your life. Talking to a mentor or a life coach is good too. Work with someone to develop your goals, check for gaps, and create a plan to fix them. - I have watched golf on TV for years. I see how they swing and play the game. I know exactly whey they should do and what I need to do to play the game. However, watching someone else play golf doesn't make you a good player (trust me). You need to play the game and practice to get better. The same with our lives. Watching others play the game of life while you sit on the couch doesn't work. Listening to them talk about the cool things they are doing isn't the same. You have to get out and swing the clubs to see what you can do. It may not be good at first but then you have to practice to get better. You may only see the professional golfers hit those great shots on Sunday afternoon. What you don't see are the hundreds or thousands of golf balls they hit each day. They weren't born playing that good, they have to work hard each day. So do we. Grab your bucket of golf balls and start swinging. Remember to have that great shot means you have to take a swing. Make a Positive Difference in the World Today!